People don’t see darkness. They don’t try to find the depth of it. They avoid darkness. But if you reach down through it, you will find just a scant teaspoon of light. That is enough. With that kind of motivation, you can help health, the environment, and the community. You can do anything.
Health is vital to life. Health is one of the most important ingredients to success. Obamacare is there to help health. It is there to make sure that everybody has health insurance no matter how much money they have. If you only have enough money to feed yourself and have warm clothes, and then you break your leg, it will cost a great deal of money if you don’t have insurance. And if you can hardly pay for food and clothes and then suddenly have to pay for a broken leg, You may have to give up your warm clothes and will eventually freeze to death. Is that really what you want to happen? And besides, there are plenty of people who have the same problem.
People are destroying the Ozone layer with their cars. Are you one of them? Riding your bike is a much better option because bikes are pollution free, and they get you in shape. Taking the bus is also a more environmentally-friendly choice because there is more use per vehicle. You could start out bussing or biking just once a week and then gradually more often. If everyone started today, the Earth would last longer. Also, the creatures on Earth would live longer if you don’t litter. Just a dollop of environmental help from everybody will make a difference. Just try.
High spirits really make a good community. If you are generous and donate your time to helping it, people will be generous to you. Also, if you help the community, the idea is that you are helping just for the sake of helping, not just because you owe someone. Everybody should help each other. Even if you helped last time.
This article is short, but I tried to give it meaning. And the reason why I wrote it is not just because I felt like it, it is also because I care. And if you are passionate enough about something, If you have empathy, you can do anything.


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